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Covert cameras & audio devices can be anywhere!


Covert cameras & audio surveillance bugs are everywhere!

Radio Frequency bug detectors find spy cameras and audio surveillance devices secretly installed in your office, home or apartment. Modern miniaturized technologies mean you will never know if you are being spied on & recorded in your bedroom, shower, office or home.

In addition to the obvious embarrassment, being spied upon could provide thieves knowledge of your personal information and valuables. Criminals may utilize audio and video bugs to find out your routines and get access to your house and the hiding places for your valuables. Your private conversations might provide criminals all they want to successfully appropriate your identity, burglarize your house, or prey upon your children. Protect yourself with counter surveillance devices such as RF bug detectors, audio jammers and more.

Radio frequency bug detectors find spy cameras and audio surveillance devices devices by finding the RF signals used to transmit the data they are collecting. Locate non-wireless spy cameras with bug detectors that pinpoint lens reflections.

Ourounter surveillance bug detectors help you locate:

  • Analog or digital surveillance devices
  • Series and parallel phone taps
  • Infinity spy device (hook switch bypass, third wire taps, harmonica, and more)
  • Cell phone surveillance devices
  • Body transmitters (concealed on body recording devices)
  • Rooms surveillance devices
  • GPS personal and vehicle trackers

Guard your personal information, home, and family with low-cost counter surveillance devices.

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